Winvitation Sweepstakes

Do I have to pay or do anything in order to participate in the Winvitation Sweepstakes?

You can participate in the Winvitation Sweepstakes and win the 2,500 EUR Travel Voucher only by creating a free Winglio account. You don’t need to use a Winglio service or make any payment to Winglio in order to participate in the Sweepstakes. Also, you don’t need to do anything else in order to participate in the Sweepstakes but you can significantly increase your chances of winning the Winvitation Travel Voucher if you invite someone who will only create a free Winglio account.

How does the winner selection process look like?

A two-round draw takes place. In the 1st round, all valid Winvitation codes are imported into an open-source drawing software which randomly selects 200 codes for the 2nd round pot. The 2nd round is a public drawing which can be watched HERE. Starting from the previously selected 200 codes, the Software randomly removes 1 code every 10 seconds. The Winner is the owner of the last code after the other 199 codes have been removed.

If I win the Travel Voucher, when and how can I use it?

The Travel Voucher can be used for covering expenses of traveling to any world’s destination of your choice. It includes accommodation, tickets, and other travel expenses. The voucher covers travel expenses for max. 2 persons. Up to 600 EUR can be credited as cash to the winner’s bank account or prepaid card, while the remaining amount will be paid directly to service providers (hotels, travel agencies etc.) by Winglio. The Travel Voucher should be used within 1 year (365 days) after the draw.

When will the Winvitation Sweepstakes draw take place?

The Winvitation Sweepstakes draw takes place 4 times a year, each first working day of January, April, July, and October. When you create a free Winglio account, you get one Sweepstakes code for participation in the next upcoming draw.

How can I increase my chances of winning a prize?

You can send one Winvitation Sweepstakes code as a gift to each of your friends. If they accept the gift and create a free Winglio account, you will get one additional Sweepstakes code as a reward. Every additional code increases your chances of winning the prize.

May I participate in Winvitation Sweepstakes draw regularly or only once?

If you didn’t send any Winvitation Sweepstakes codes to your friends or if you sent fewer than 4 codes, you can participate in a draw only once with all your Sweepstakes codes. However, if you become a Winvitation Guru by sending at least 4 codes to your friends, you will get additional Sweepstakes codes for each accepted gift and all your codes will become permanently valid. Therefore, as a Winvitation Guru, you can regularly participate in the Sweepstakes – 4 times a year, every year, and increase your chances of winning the Travel Voucher over 100 times over the years compared to a single draw with only one Sweepstakes code.

Where can I find my Winvitation link?

After you create your Winglio account and get verified, your Winvitation link will become active and visible in your Winglio Dashboard in the Winvitation Program section. You can post your Winvitation link to your blog or website or send Winvitation Sweepstakes gift codes to anyone who might be interested in using the Winglio service or participating in the Winvitation Sweepstakes itself.