May I withdraw the whole Winvitation bonus to my bank account or PayPal immediately?

In order to avoid potential misuse of the Winvitation Bonus reward, the following Winvitation Bonus Terms & Conditions apply:

  • Winvitation Bonus in the amount of 1,000 EUR can be received only for a new user invited to Winglio who creates a free Winglio Account;
  • Your Winvitation Bonus is credited to your Winvitation Bonus account, and it is not immediately available for withdrawal to your bank account;
  • For each 1,000 EUR the invited users receive from their clients through Winglio, 10 EUR of your Winvitation Bonus will be released to your Winglio Balance and become available for withdrawal to your bank account;
  • A received Winvitation Bonus cannot expire and there is no deadline in which it has to be released and withdrawn to your bank account.