Invoices & Payments

What information will be displayed on the invoices issued to my clients?

Since you can choose whether you want to issue invoices from our Irish or Malaysian company, all details of the selected Winglio Company will be displayed on the invoices, as well as details belonging to your client. Also, in order to create an invoice you have to enter a description of the service provided together with its price. After you create an invoice, it undergoes the verification process and only after it has been approved by our department can it be sent to your client.

Here you can see the sample invoice issued from the Winglio Irish Company: Winglio invoice sample

What currencies may be displayed on the invoices issued to my clients?

The main Winglio currency is EUR, but you can also choose USD as the alternative currency to be displayed on invoices issued to your clients. Payment received in USD is automatically converted to EUR at the regular conversion rate offered by the banks and displayed in your Winglio Account in EUR currency.

Where do I see payments received from my clients?

After your invoice is approved and sent to your client, you get a notification as soon as the payment for it has been received. Transaction history and information about the available balance are displayed in your Winglio Dashboard, so you can always know what amount is available for withdrawal or payments to your suppliers or associates.

How can I send a payment to my supplier?

Sending a payment is very easy – you just need to fill out the payment order form and upload the invoice from your supplier. After you create the payment order, it goes through the approval process and, once approved, the payment will be sent to your supplier from the rented company.

How long does it take for a payment order to be processed?

Each payment order goes through the approval process by our department, which usually takes a couple of hours (1 working day is the maximum amount of time). After that, if the payment order is approved, it is processed on the same day. SEPA payments are usually visible on the recipient’s account on the same or the next working day while the international payments can take up to 1-2 days longer.