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Signup & Verification

What is Rent a Company service?

Through Rent a Company service, numerous users may share one or more existing companies in order to invoice their clients and get paid, thus avoiding all the costs and paperwork of incorporating their own company. When the rented company receives clients’ payment(s), users can withdraw funds to their account as a secondary income or a dividend. The service itself is based on the “company sharing” business model pioneered by Winglio. We like to say that Rent a Company service is actually a lot like a brand new car you’ve got for free, for which you don’t need to pay for repairs or new tires, only for fuel any time you decide to drive it.

What types of businesses does Winglio support?

Using Winglio rented company, you can provide various services such as consulting, software development, design, writing & translation, online marketing, and many other services, as well as selling various digital products. Selling physical goods and dropshipping are not supported.

How to sign up for Winglio Rent a Company service?

The sign-up procedure on Winglio website is very simple and it can be completed in 3-4 minutes. After you enter your name and email in the sign-up form, you will receive an email with the confirmation link you need to click on in order to gain access to your Winglio Dashboard. Once you access the dashboard, you have to update your profile details in order to get verified.

What documents do I have to provide in order to get verified?

You should provide only a copy of your national ID card or a passport and a document showing your address (phone or electricity bill or a bank statement) in order to get verified.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process is usually done in just a few hours but in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours.

After my account is verified, what should I do next?

After obtaining the verification, you can add your first client, create a contract with them for your project or work and, after the contract has been signed through the online form, you can issue invoices from Winglio Company to the client and receive payments from them. When the payment arrives, you will get a notification, after which you can request a withdrawal to your bank account, PayPal, or debit card.

May I change my profile details after I get verified?

You can update your profile anytime after you get verified. However, please note that any profile update requires additional verification which can take up to 24 hours.

When can I start using the rented company?

You can start using the rented company as soon as your profile is verified.

May I close my Winglio account anytime?

Yes, you may close your Winglio account with just a few clicks without any commitment or additional cost.

Plans & Fees

May I start using Winglio service without a setup cost and a fixed monthly fee?

Yes, there is no initial nor monthly cost for using the Winglio Professional Plan. However, if you want to withdraw funds from Winglio as a dividend, you should buy one preference share in Winglio company in order to become a shareholder. The setup fee for the Shareholder plan is 179 EUR.

What fees do I have to pay for using Winglio service?

Winglio fees are based only on your business activities. This means that you have to pay the fee only when you use the rented company. We charge only 6.60% of the income received from your clients as the Partnership Fee. The Processing Fee in a fixed amount of 4.50 EUR applies to sent and received bank payments and withdrawals. If the payment is sent to or received from a country outside the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the additional International transaction Fee or Intermediate Bank Fee may be charged. If you withdraw money from Winglio as a dividend, the additional 3% Dividend Withdrawal Fee will be charged in order to cover the corporate tax costs of the rented company.

Do you provide a tool to calculate Winglio fees for various transaction amounts?

Yes, you can use WINGLIO FEES CALCULATOR to see how much you will be able to withdraw from the amount paid by your client after all fees are charged, or how much your client should pay if you know the exact amount you would like to withdraw.

Do I have any accounting or corporate tax duties for the rented company?

Apart from the regular Winglio's fees based on your business activities, there are no additional accounting nor tax duties imposed on the rented company. We cover all regular costs and tax duties of the rented company and we take care of the accounting and paperwork so that you do not need to take care of such matters yourself.

What if I need a custom service which is not included in Winglio's regular offer?

One of the specialties of Winglio's service is the possibility to fulfill different business requirements of our customers. So, if you need any kind of service which is not mentioned as a part of our regular offer, please share your requirements with us and we will try to find the best possible solution for you.

Contracts & Legal

Should I create a new contract every time I need to send an invoice to my client?

You can create a Project type of contract, a Time & Materials type of contract or Agency type of contract with your client. All types of contracts support multiple invoices. What this means is the following: if your project takes 5 months and you agreed with your client for it to be paid in monthly installments, there will be only one contract related to that particular project but you will be able to issue 5 (or more) contract-related invoices. The same applies to Time & Materials type of contract - you can create a single contract and issue an unlimited number of invoices to your client after a particular assignment is completed, or on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the terms agreed.

How long does it take to create a contract in Winglio Dashboard?

Creating a contract is a simple and fast process. When doing it for the first time, it can take 2-3 minutes. However, since the existing contract can be used as a template for new ones, the following contracts can be created with just a few clicks.

What contract options am I allowed to choose?

There are three general types of contracts: Project type, Time & Materials type, and Agency type. The Project type should be selected if your work is related to one particular project for which the scope of the work, delivery terms, and pricing terms are familiar. In all other circumstances where the work is carried out on an ongoing basis, Time & Materials type of contract should be selected. If you act as an agent in order to connect a buyer and a seller and take your commission, then you should select the Agency type of contract. In all types, after selecting a client, you should enter all editable details such as contract date, description of agreed works, price, and payment conditions. The last info required before sending the contract out for verification and signature is the name and the email address of the signatory.

Here you can see an example of Winglio Project Contract with editable options (marked in yellow) you are allowed to choose.

Here you can see an example of Winglio Time & Materials Contract with editable options (marked in yellow) you are allowed to choose.

Here you can see an example of Winglio Agency Contract with editable options (marked in yellow) you are allowed to choose.  

Am I able to preview the created contract before I send it for signature?

Yes, after you fill out the contract details you can click the "Save & Preview before sending" option to verify all the details before sending it out for a signature. When you are sure that everything is alright, go back to the list of your contracts, click the Edit option and send your contract out for a signature.

After I create a contract, who should sign it and how?

After the contract is reviewed and approved by our department, it will be sent to your client’s email for signature. Contracts can be signed by your client with just a few mouse clicks and all parties will immediately get a signed copy by email.

Here you can see what the signature form looks like: Signature preview: Winglio Project Contract Signature preview: Winglio Time & Materials Contract Signature preview: Winglio Agency Contract

What is the legal form of a business relationship between me, my client, and Winglio Company?

Winglio Company acts as a commission agent between you as a service provider and your client. This means that Winglio Company acts on its own behalf but to the benefit of the service provider (you).

Invoices & Payments

What information will be displayed on the invoices issued to my clients?

Since you can choose whether you want to issue invoices from our Irish or Malaysian company, all details of the selected Winglio Company will be displayed on the invoices, as well as details belonging to your client. Also, in order to create an invoice you have to enter a description of the service provided together with its price. After you create an invoice, it undergoes the verification process and only after it has been approved by our department can it be sent to your client.

Here you can see the sample invoice issued from the Winglio Irish Company: Winglio invoice sample

Will my name appear on the invoice sent to my client?

Your name will not appear on the invoice unless you write it as a note in the service description field.

What currencies may be displayed on the invoices issued to my clients?

The main Winglio currency is EUR, but you can also choose USD as the alternative currency to be displayed on invoices issued to your clients. Payment received in USD is automatically converted to EUR at the regular conversion rate offered by the banks and displayed in your Winglio Account in EUR currency.

After an invoice is created and approved, how will it be delivered to my client?

After an invoice is approved, you will get a notification. Then you can download it as a PDF document from your Winglio Dashboard and send it to your client from your email address or directly from the Winglio Dashboard.

Where do I see payments received from my clients?

After your invoice is approved and sent to your client, you get a notification as soon as the payment for it has been received. Transaction history and information about the available balance are displayed in your Winglio Dashboard, so you can always know what amount is available for withdrawal or payments to your suppliers or associates.

How can I send a payment to my supplier?

Sending a payment is very easy - you just need to fill out the payment order form and upload the invoice from your supplier. After you create the payment order, it goes through the approval process and, once approved, the payment will be sent to your supplier from the rented company.

Can I send a payment to a private individual or only to a business entity?

You are allowed to send only to business entities that are able to provide a valid invoice for your payment. If you have individual associates, you may ask them to create a free Winglio account and then you can send them internal Office-to-Office payments.

How long does it take for a payment order to be processed?

Each payment order goes through the approval process by our department, which usually takes a couple of hours (1 working day is the maximum amount of time). After that, if the payment order is approved, it is processed on the same day. SEPA payments are usually visible on the recipient’s account on the same or the next working day while the international payments can take up to 1-2 days longer.

Withdrawals & Taxes

Should I pay any personal taxes in my country on money received from Winglio?

You should report all the payments received from Winglio and pay the applicable personal taxes in your country of residence.

What is the nature of a withdrawal from Winglio, i.e. how should I report the money received from Winglio to my local tax authority?

If you are a regular user using the Professional plan, all withdrawals from Winglio balance are considered and paid to you as your secondary income. However, if you are a shareholder of the Winglio company then you can choose in each withdrawal request whether you want your balance to be paid out as a secondary income or dividend. In that way, you can optimize your personal tax duties in your country of residence.

Is there any difference in the amount of money I will receive on my bank account as a dividend compared to the withdrawal as a secondary income?

If you withdraw money as a dividend you will receive 3% less money on your bank account compared to the withdrawal as a secondary income since the additional 3% Dividend Withdrawal Fee will be charged. For example, if your client paid 10k EUR to Winglio, you would get 9,331 EUR as a secondary income or 9,050.94 EUR as a dividend.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from Winglio is 10 EUR.

May I withdraw money to a bank account which is not under my name?

Bank account owner details for withdrawal purposes have to be the same as the ones on your profile details.

Is it mandatory that my bank account is in my country of residence?

You can withdraw your funds to any personal bank account under your name in any country, it does not have to be your country of residence. If you create a withdrawal request to your bank account which is in a country outside the SEPA, the additional International transaction fee (15.50 EUR) might be charged. In order to avoid additional withdrawal costs to countries outside the SEPA, we would recommend opening an online bank account with one of the following service providers: Leopay, N26, Paysera, Revolut, or Transferwise.

How long does it take for a withdrawal request to be processed?

A withdrawal request is usually processed on the same or the next working day. SEPA payments are usually visible on your account on the same or the next working day while the international payments can take up to 1-2 days.

May I still invoice my clients from any Winglio company if I become a shareholder of Winglio Malaysian company?

Yes, as a shareholder of Winglio Malaysian company, you can use any Winglio company for invoicing your clients. No matter which Winglio company you use for sending invoices, you will always receive payouts (dividends or secondary income) from the main Winglio Malaysian company.

Shareholder Program

What is the Winglio Shareholder program?

After your cumulative amount of income through Winglio reaches 500 EUR, you will be invited to join the Winglio Shareholder program. By purchasing one preference share in the Winglio Malaysian company, you get the status of a Winglio shareholder. It provides you with the possibility of retaining the whole income received through Winglio as a profit of the Winglio company and have it paid out as your personal dividend.

Why would I convert my income to a dividend?

If you had your own company, you could decide how you want to get the money from your company – as your salary or as a dividend from your company's profit. Winglio offers you the same possibility – you can get paid as a contractor of the rented company (equivalent to a salary) or as a shareholder (dividend). In many countries, the dividend tax is much lower than the salary income tax, thus ensuring significant tax savings as a Winglio shareholder.

How often can I withdraw money from Winglio as a dividend?

Winglio Company calculates its profit and pays out an interim dividend to shareholders every month, usually between the 5th and the 7th of the month for the previous month. It means that a dividend can be paid out max. 12 times within one calendar year.

How much should I pay to become a shareholder of the Winglio Company?

The total one-time cost is 179 EUR. It includes 1 preference share in Winglio Company (60 EUR) and related administrative costs, changes in the shares registry, and the issuance of a share certificate (119 EUR).

Which personal documents should I provide in order to become a shareholder of the Winglio company?

You should provide a notarized copy of your passport as a personal document and a recent bank statement which contains your address in order to become a shareholder of the Winglio company.

May I provide my national ID card instead of the passport?

According to Malaysian Law, only a notarized copy of a passport is an acceptable personal document, therefore, if you don’t have a valid passport, you should get it in order to start the activation of the shareholder status.

How long does the shareholder activation process take?

After you start the activation of the shareholder status, it usually takes 4-5 weeks until you get a share certificate and officially become a shareholder of the Winglio company.

Winvitation Sweepstakes

Do I have to pay or do anything in order to participate in the Winvitation Sweepstakes?

You can participate in the Winvitation Sweepstakes and win the 2,500 EUR Travel Voucher only by creating a free Winglio account. You don’t need to use a Winglio service or make any payment to Winglio in order to participate in the Sweepstakes. Also, you don’t need to do anything else in order to participate in the Sweepstakes but you can significantly increase your chances of winning the Winvitation Travel Voucher if you invite someone who will only create a free Winglio account.

How does the winner selection process look like?

A two-round draw takes place. In the 1st round, all valid Winvitation codes are imported into an open-source drawing software which randomly selects 200 codes for the 2nd round pot. The 2nd round is a public drawing which can be watched HERE. Starting from the previously selected 200 codes, the Software randomly removes 1 code every 10 seconds. The Winner is the owner of the last code after the other 199 codes have been removed.

If I win the Travel Voucher, when and how can I use it?

The Travel Voucher can be used for covering expenses of traveling to any world’s destination of your choice. It includes accommodation, tickets, and other travel expenses. The voucher covers travel expenses for max. 2 persons. Up to 600 EUR can be credited as cash to the winner’s bank account or prepaid card, while the remaining amount will be paid directly to service providers (hotels, travel agencies etc.) by Winglio. The Travel Voucher should be used within 1 year (365 days) after the draw.

When will the Winvitation Sweepstakes draw take place?

The Winvitation Sweepstakes draw takes place 4 times a year, each first working day of January, April, July, and October. When you create a free Winglio account, you get one Sweepstakes code for participation in the next upcoming draw.

How can I increase my chances of winning a prize?

You can send one Winvitation Sweepstakes code as a gift to each of your friends. If they accept the gift and create a free Winglio account, you will get one additional Sweepstakes code as a reward. Every additional code increases your chances of winning the prize.

May I participate in Winvitation Sweepstakes draw regularly or only once?

If you didn’t send any Winvitation Sweepstakes codes to your friends or if you sent fewer than 4 codes, you can participate in a draw only once with all your Sweepstakes codes. However, if you become a Winvitation Guru by sending at least 4 codes to your friends, you will get additional Sweepstakes codes for each accepted gift and all your codes will become permanently valid. Therefore, as a Winvitation Guru, you can regularly participate in the Sweepstakes – 4 times a year, every year, and increase your chances of winning the Travel Voucher over 100 times over the years compared to a single draw with only one Sweepstakes code.

Is there a deadline in which I should become a Winvitation Guru?

As soon as at least 4 friends of yours accept your Sweepstakes code gift, you will become a Winvitation Guru, without a time limit.

What someone should do in order to accept the Sweepstakes code I awarded?

In order to accept your gift and get a free Winvitation Sweepstakes code, someone only needs to create a free Winglio account, without any further obligation to pay something or use the Winglio service itself.

Is there a maximum number of Winvitation Sweepstakes codes I can give my friends or collect for participation in the Sweepstakes draw myself?

The number of Winvitation Sweepstakes codes you can send as a gift to your friends and collect as a reward for each gift code you share is not limited. Each new Winvitation Sweepstakes code you collect as a reward increases your chances of winning the prize.

Where can I find my Winvitation link?

After you create your Winglio account and get verified, your Winvitation link will become active and visible in your Winglio Dashboard in the Winvitation Program section. You can post your Winvitation link to your blog or website or send Winvitation Sweepstakes gift codes to anyone who might be interested in using the Winglio service or participating in the Winvitation Sweepstakes itself.

Winvitation Bonus

Do I really get 1,000 EUR for each invited person who just creates a free Winglio account?

Yes, 1,000 EUR will be credited to your Winvitation Bonus account as soon as each invited person creates a free Winglio account.

May I withdraw the whole Winvitation bonus to my bank account or PayPal immediately?

In order to avoid potential misuse of the Winvitation Bonus reward, the following Winvitation Bonus Terms & Conditions apply:
  • Winvitation Bonus in the amount of 1,000 EUR can be received only for a new user invited to Winglio who creates a free Winglio Account;

  • Your Winvitation Bonus is credited to your Winvitation Bonus account, and it is not immediately available for withdrawal to your bank account;

  • For each 1,000 EUR the invited users receive from their clients through Winglio, 10 EUR of your Winvitation Bonus will be released to your Winglio Balance and become available for withdrawal to your bank account;

  • A received Winvitation Bonus cannot expire and there is no deadline in which it has to be released and withdrawn to your bank account.

How many people am I allowed to invite to Winglio?

Your Winvitation link is permanently active and you are allowed to invite an unlimited number of new users to Winglio.

Where can I find my Winvitation link?

After you create your Winglio account and get verified, your Winvitation link will become active and visible in your Winglio Dashboard in the Winvitation section. You can post your Winvitation link to your blog or website or send it to anyone who might be interested in using the Winglio service or participating in the Winvitation Sweepstakes.

What is the minimum amount of bonus I can withdraw to my bank account or PayPal?

After a particular amount of your Winvitation Bonus is released to your Winglio Balance, 10 EUR is the minimum amount which can be paid out of Winglio Balance into your bank account or PayPal.